Amazing accommodation news in May 2016, state regulation, rising demand for flats, approach to Munich owners

Information on business in May 2016, the illogical regulation by a left wing government resulting in an unbalanced market, rise of scams

As always when the days get longer and the temperatures higher - the business is also picking up. It might sound a bit odd, but this is the way it is. April has started the buzz with the BAUMA... and May added to the accommodation hunt with the Analytica. Guesthouses and hotels were charging over the odds as usual, enjoying their reduced 7% VAT as well. 

  • Companies are hiring in big volumnes now and this can be felt in increasing requirements for any kind of furnished accommodation. Liz Frey wishes she would be able to offer more flats to her future customers. The turn around is very fast, efficient and fair. Perhaps some of those Munich flat owners would like to register? Commission is also in relation to the work which is put in and at the end of the day one pays for all backup knowledge of 20 years in business.
  • However due to the commission regulation of the state with the absolutely unbalanced, unjust dictatiion of the fees meaning that the owners of flats should pay the commission who already endeavour in providing top notch accommodation, the market has lost its face. Endless "companies" are now listed on the web. Strange names, doube - tripple listings of flats... all over the place.... just for the sake of being cheap, on saving money somewhere. In the end saving commission by not renting. A "learning curve".
  • So the Relocation business remains a demanding task. Desperate to be tenants are appraching Liz Frey Relocation since more and more scams are also noted on the web. At the end of the day people are wasting far too much time wandering from one website to the other until they realise that good work has its value. As we always say "A flat is not a burger" and hence do not agree to any "Mc Deal".
  • Dear Munich owner of a studio, flat, house, appartment: register your place with us and you will be surprised how quickly, efficiently a dedicated business can provide a service without much bravado but with an inbred business sense which includes courtesy, respect and fairness.

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