Thalkirchen is such a grand place, but... a hidden gem

Thalkirchen is a grand place in the south of Munich, however not many people are really aware of that. Expats you will have a grand day out there. Just take the U3 from Marienplatz and the short 12 minute trip (!) will get you there.

The river Isar is lovely with its stream, so is the Zoo (Tierpark) a great place to explore for the kids.

Most people associate Thalkirchen with the Rinecker Klinik which now changed its name  to Chirurgische Klinik Muenchen Sued   , the nearby Rinecker Proton Therapy Center is also well known for absolute extraordinate therapy.

Hungry? At your doorstep you will find the Mangostin Restaurant.

I wil take a break now myself but will be back soon with more things to do in Thalkirchen.

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