Testimonials of happy landlords and satisfied tenants

I relocated to Munich from India and was in a hotel for a week. The second day in the hotel, I realized the facilities were really not good.

One of my colleagues recommended that I reach out to Liz Frey for help in finding a furnished apartment for rent. I explained my predicament to Liz and requested her to help me relocate within a week. I was told by my other friends that finding an apartment in Munich would not be easy and might take a month or two.

Liz helped me relocate in 5 days and I just cannot thank her enough. Also, the service was very professional and great.

Being new to the laws of a foreign land, I had a lot of questions. Liz was very patient in hearing out my questions and provided responses to all my queries.


I would happily recommend Liz Frey Relocation to my friends and colleagues.

Ravikiran Rangarajan, November 2021

Comments of Munich furnished property owners, who have been successfully renting their property through Liz Frey:

quoteSince 2007 Mrs Frey has been successfully renting out my Munich property in Isarvorstadt.
She reacts quickly to all requirements and questions, clarifies the status and offers a perfect, highly professional rental service in Munich which is far beyond average.
Liz Frey Relocation offers the owner as well as the tenant a wide portfolio of services and helps to bridge over any problems which might result from any intercultural differences - being always fair, punctual reliable – to be recommended without hesitation!
July 2012quote
- Dr. Stefan Thürmer, Nürnberg
quoteSince 2006 Mrs. Frey has been looking after my furnished apartment in Schwabing.
The tenants come primarily from the IT Industry, usually starting with a lease duration of 2-3 months, however very often extending their leases and staying for a total of 1-2 years so it was never a problem for me too also accept a short rental in the beginning.
Mrs. Frey is very professional however adding a personal touch which makes the rental pleasant and worry-free.
The fact that one person is sorting out all issues leads to transparence, speed and authenticity which is hard to find these days.
March 2013quote
- Dr. Walter Hauser
quoteLiz Frey was recommended to me by a friend and we worked together for my two furnished flats in Schwabing and Neuhausen: She helped me selecting a suitable furnished flat in a good Munich locatin and advised on the required furnishings and mandatory extras like an active Internet Connection. She took over the search for suitable tenants and contracting issues and after the handover she kept supporting both tenant and landlord. Liz Frey is always prompt, professional and friendly. Recently she found a new tenant seamlessly because the former one wanted to end the tenancy for work reasons before contract end. The handling went much faster and easier than I had anticipated. Great!
I can fully recommend Liz Frey Relocation and look forward to our continued work and rental cooperation.
April 2013quote
- Matthias Müller
quoteIt is a pleasure to have met Liz Frey and her agency and likewise beneficial to have a somewhat smaller agency next to the bigger ones in Munich.
The personal advice, motivation and emotional intelligence plus professionalism and competence make the difference.
Mrs. Frey is always trying for the best solution for all parties concerned – this „win-win situation“ enables content for all as well as success.
I’d like continue working with Mrs. Frey.
April 2014quote
- E.R.
quoteFor the last 9 years Liz Frey has been looking afer our furnished property in Munich.
From day one it has been a pleasant cooperation. She is competent, reliable, always well informed and keen and eager to support the owners. Good judgement about the tenants: short rentals nearly always turned out to be long ones.
July 2014quote
- B. Mellor
quoteI’ve been successfully working with Liz Frey for more than 5 years now. She is a very reliable business person, always concerned to reach the optimal match between tenant and landlord.
For my fully furnished premium apartment in Munich she has always found the right tenant enabling a win-win situation and no problems for all of us. She is very accurate and dedicated in everything she is doing. I appreciate her flexibility and quick response via E-Mail as well as her experience, so I am happy to continue working with her for the future.quote
- Mrs. D. Tuczek
quoteI worked with Liz Frey in Spring 2015 after a disappointing experience with another agent. Liz was immediately businesslike, down to earth and very reassuring - this combination gave me a very positive impression and her work absolutely confirmed this first impression. All our contact has been both personalize pleasant and efficient. Within short time she found delightful tenants. I would always work with Liz again and recommend her to anyone looking for assistance.
Dr. Nandani Lynton, 14 May 2015quote
- Dr. Nandani Lynton
quoteMany thanks for a top-notch service Liz! Honest opinion, advice and market knowledge about my new furnished offer in Haidhausen helped me to gage the furnished market in Munich correctly and how my apartment compares. We quickly managed to calculate the right market price and a swift rental proved my choice of Liz Frey Relocation was the right one!
Maria Berroll, July 2015quote
- Maria Beroll
quoteAfter having rented my furnished apartment in Munich via Liz Frey for a few years admittedly I tried to rent the flat on my own when the "Bestellerprinzip" came into action. I thought it to be an easy and good ideal to just place an ad on a forum. What did I get? Quantity of bad google translations.... in short - I returned very happily to Liz Frey and was very pleased to get a tenant very quickly for a nice stretch of 6 months.
May 2016quote
- Peter Neumeyer
quoteI never knew how worth while and important an agent for furnished accommodation can become. Then I had a handover of my furnished apartment in Schwabing where the flat needed a lot of work doing. Luckily I could ask all the questions to Liz. What should I do about renovation, cleaning? How much can I deduct for this? Do you have a good cleaner at hand? In which time frame should the deposit be paid back? Liz worked closedly with me and the cleaner during those tiresome weeks and managed to get the flat back to a great standard.
Furnished rentals without a specialist at hand are not advisable. Thank you Liz for your great help!
September 2016quote
- Beate Albrecht
quoteUpdate to my letter from April 2013: Due to a professional move, I cannot look after my furnished apartments in Munich anymore. Luckily, I found a partner with Liz, who, in addition to the tenant search, also looks after handovers, renovations, etc. Her network (for example craftsmen) is very helpful and one can see that she has built it up for many years. Likewise, I am impressed by her sovereign approach to people from all over the world, to make the lifes of the tennant as well of the landlord as smooth as possible. I look forward to further collaborating with Liz.
Dezember 2016quote
- Matthias Müller
quoteFaced with the task of organising the letting of a furnished apartment in Munich from abroad, I found Liz Frey Relocation Service most helpful in all respects. I was given excellent advice on preparatory work and received a fully professional service in finding tenants and the managements of the lettings.
December 2016quote
- Dr. T. Uebel

Comments of Munich tenants, who have been successfully renting their furnished property from Liz Frey:

quoteAfter relocating from the US to Paris and now to Munich, and working with 4 different relocation companies, I would highly recommend using the Liz Frey Agency for finding a furnished apartment in Munich. Her services went far beyond anything we had experienced with other companies, and we finally felt like someone was looking out for our family's best interests. Liz helped us find a superb apartment inclusive of W-LAN Internet, already hooked up phone and parking that met our demanding needs for the short term, and helped to negotiate a longer rental period when we needed it. She also helped us find local contractors for work that we needed to have done as well as suggesting fun places to go around Munich, to help us feel more at home. Thank you Liz, you helped us to find pleasure in a very stressful move!quote - Moya Z.
quoteI got my apartment from Liz Frey. I had to book my flat through the internet – having to depend on the photos and description on her website. When I finally “met” my place it was in any way as described. This is so important for expats coming to Munich, who are given a short time frame and having to depend on the transparency and integrity of the accommodation providers in Munich. Liz was always very responsive to my needs and an excellent communication bridge between the owner and myself. Any problems I had she arranged to have the Landlord take care of straight away. She's really an excellent service provider and accompanies your lease with her inbred sense of service.
January 2012quote
- Warna Downey, Canada
quote"Liz Frey helped my husband and I to find the perfect, furnished apartment for our temporary relocation to Munich. She worked closely with us to determine our needs regarding location, amenities and cost. With these specifics in mind, Liz communicated with us regularly via E-Mail with various apartment profiles - complete with multiple photos, detailed information about location and proximity to public transport, cafes, parks, etc. What makes her service outstanding is that she knows Munich well, being a local herself and hence has a sense of the best locations for people on a temporary location. The apartment she found for us could not have been more optimal; a fantastic location, clean and modern with lots of light and for a reasonable price. Yes, it does cost more to work with an agent, but we've found that it is money well spent and would make the same choice again. We will most certainly work with Liz our next journey to Munich and wholeheartedly recommend her services to those looking to relocate."
July 2012quote
quoteLiz Frey helped my husband and I to find accommodation in Munich while we were still living in Florida. We had dreaded this task until coming into contact with her. She was very pleasant to work with and immediately we felt that we could trust her. On top of it, her attention to our situation was impeccable - we never had trouble getting in touch with her, and she never failed to get back to us with answers to even minor questions. The apartment she arranged for us is wonderful, we couldn't have asked for a better location or apartment, and at a reasonable price. Her agent's fee is well below average, and a fee is certainly worth paying to have someone honest help to arrange the most important place - home! We would sincerely recommend Liz Frey to anyone looking for accommodation in Munich from abroad."
July 2013quote
- Elizabeth Everts
quote"Liz has been wonderful, she helped us find a place for my husband, my dog and me. Bringing a dog with you is never easy but she made it happen and we are very grateful to her for it. The apartment was exactly as described in the website and so we didn't have any surprises.quote - Adriana and Hans, Haar
quoteI heard about Liz Frey Relocation Services through the Toytown website. Liz helped me find the perfect studio apartment in Schwabing at a location within walking distance to my office and the English Garden - all within a matter of days. Hard to beat! She always responds promptly and professionally to my inquiries and is extremely knowledgeable. I cannot speak highly enough of Liz, and I have already recommended her to colleagues of mine looking for housing. I have been very pleased with her work, and I will continue to recommend her in the future.
26 May 2014quote
- Elizabeth Weisner
quoteJust a note about how quickly I got settled in Munich. On Wednesday I realised that the boarding house was getting far too expensive. Trade Fair time! I emailed Liz Frey and we selected a flat - everyting done in 48 hours. On Friday I was able to move in. Contract done, payments done, handover done.
Without such a diligent, flexible and speedy Relocation Service us expatriates to Munich would have a very tough life and we would end up paying half of our salaries to hotels and the like! Thank you Liz.quote
- Luis Arens
quoteI arrived middle of the month and dreading the hotel rates- trade fair time in Munich!
Emailed Liz, got a few offers and she managed to get me a suitable place within a few days.
Owner was nice enough to agree to the pro-rated rent and a lease of 3 months. Looks like I will now stay on into 2016. A great start to Munich. Thanks to Liz Frey and a great owner of my apartment in downtown Munich!
September 2015quote
- Samuel Parker
quoteI am embarrassed to admit that in the 1st place we didn't use an agency but a holiday rental platform.
Going for cheap had become expensive.
Our biggest problem was that the owner would not return a residency form that my daughter needed to register to live in Germany so not only that had been major issue but it also meant that she could not open a bank account (so can't be paid) or get a German phone. It had been a nightmare, also she promised internet which she needed for her university work and there was none.
The trouble is that we had paid three months rental and felt trapped.
I contacted Liz Frey and gave her the full story. Her valuable advice helped me to get out of that catch-22 situation and now was freed up to rent a pleasant studio apartment in Schwabing without much efforts through her agency.quote
- Paul Forbes
quoteMy colleagues told me to go to this big accommodation website of an American company... in short- it turned out to be an illegal sublet, the flat was filthy, the subtenant was in India! I managed to get out of this unbearable situation with the help of Liz who reacted promptly to my email inquiry and arranged for a quick, effiecent lease of a cosy furnished place in Haidhausen.
October 2016quote
- Paul Cole
quoteWe were fortunate to meet Liz Frey when seeking a home in Munich. We hoped to execute a move from abroad inside 3 weeks. With Liz's help we achieved this easily. Liz is very straight, direct and to the point which we very much appreciate, especially given our time constraints on first meeting her! We have always found Liz easy to deal with and extremely helpful, especially since we had so little German when we made the move. We remain very happy living in the apartment she helped us to secure so swiftly. Having rented property in several other countries, I am happy to say that our experience with Liz Frey has exceeded all expectations.
November 2016quote
- Lena B
quoteIn November 2017 I moved from Venezuela to Munich because of a job offer and probably (as I did) most people moving to Munich will know about how difficult is to find a furnished place to live here.
In addition because of the regulation the usual real-estate sites are also flooded with rent scams.

Well Liz Frey Relocation is the perfect trusty place to find furnished accommodation either for short or long term contract. Liz Frey is a responsable person who will have all the documentation in time to make the process flow smoothly and all the information needed to make you fell secure about your decision, plus she speaks english perfectly!

Even though I was scared about the scams in general I decided to proceed and pay the deposit money while still being in Venezuela. Well I can say with most certainty that it was the best decision I could've taken. Two days after having arrived in Munich, I was given my apartment keys as agreed by email and the form for city registration signed, which is super important for any person coming to Munich.

I recommend Liz Frey Relocation services 100% for any one looking for accommodation in Munich. :-)

Juan Bigorra, December 2017quote
- Juan Bigorra
quoteLiz Frey was recommended by Ludwig Maximillan University (LMU), where I had a visiting fellowship. She not only found me a great apartment within walking distance of my office, but navigated my contract and security deposit with great results. She was my "ambassador" to Munich and I am most grateful for her professional and dedicated relocation service. Thank you, Liz!
September 2018

Margaret (Meg) Lowman, Senior Scientist, Ph.D. / California Academy of Sciences San Francisco CA
Senior Scientist, Institute for Biodiversity Science and Sustainabilityquote
- Margaret Lowman
quoteI took Liz Frey's services (October 2018) and I feel very satisfied with her professional way of working.
To start with, as all other foreigners, I was also looking forward to contacting some very common names in the rental market of Munich.
However, was disappointed due to a complete lack of professionalism and ownership and this I am writing based on my personal experience.
I was not at all satisfied with the kind of services those companies, well ranked on google, were providing to help someone to get an appropriate rental flat.

However, with Liz, it was a different story alltogether.
Not only she took care of my case very professionally but also took ownership of not just taking care of the interests of the Landlord, but also of me (as a prospective tenant).
I booked the apartment while I was not in Germany, still after checking all my documents she went ahead and helped me to manage things with the Landlord.

I am extremely satisfied with Ms. Liz Frey's services and i am constantly recommending her to many of my genuine & needy contacts.

I have no doubt that she keeps up the good work and make niche in this market.

Dezember 2018
Sharad Kumar Jainquote
- Sharad Kumar Jain
quoteI was due to move to Munich from the UK with my partner in May 2020 for a new job, and I was already worried about finding a suitable place to rent, let alone during a global pandemic. We had no opportunity to view before the move, and were concerned about signing the contract while border restrictions prevented us from travelling. Not only this, we were worried about having to quarantine for two weeks on arrival due to Corona and therefore we needed an apartment which was really fully furnished. Throughout all this, Liz Frey was extremely helpful, going above and beyond the call of a rental agent, even calling the border control police to help us understand the travel restrictions which were changing all the time and for which our German was not good enough to understand. The apartment is exactly as described on her website (in fact I think it is better), and has been perfect for getting us settled in quickly. Throughout a stressful time for us, Liz was kind, considerate and helpful. We are really grateful to her for what was a seamless move, and we would recommend her services to anyone.
Isabel Wilkinson
August 2020quote
- Isabel Wilkinson

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