Questions from a prospective Munich Tenant

We have compiled an overview listing the 28 most commonly asked questions by tenants to be:

In which way will the flat be furnished?
Munich has seen a tremendous improvement in style and level of interior over the last few years.
It all has become very upmarket, sometimes a bit too much of the same, modern open style in my opinion even.

Where about 10 years ago, “some furniture” was considered to be alright, nowadays nearly all apartments are offering standard things like a hardwood floor or laminated floor, a microwave always in addition to the kitchen furniture, most of times an own washing machine or communal washing machine. Furniture is always in good condition, sometimes new, but always well maintained. International Cable TV programmes can be arranged at separate cost. Internet access has become a must and landlords who do not offer it are facing a problem. If there is a choice, future tenants will always go for the absolutely fully furnished place where no compromise is necessary.

The saying of “you only need to bring your toothbrush” certainly applies to the majority of Munich apartments. Landlords who are offering furnished accommodation in Munich know the requirements of the tenants very well and if they do not follow suit they
What does “incl rental price” mean?
It means you do not need to worry about anything else than the monthly rent. Most times electricity is also included in the rental price. However, please try to be as economical as possible and use the resources like heating, warm water and electricity at no different as you would being at your own home.
Do I have to pay extra bills?
Only for your individual phone calls, sometimes for internet and garage. In rare cases electricity will be separate and houses will require additional utilities cost
How much will the deposit be?
German rental law allows between 1-3 months deposit to be charged. Majority of my contacts charge between 1-2 months. 1.5 is always a good compromise.
Do I have to rush my decision on an offer?
Well, in IT boom days you were lucky to find a good offer matching your requirement. This has not changed much – so if a good place with pleasant equipment, furniture, good price and location is at your disposal you should not wait that one more day…. We have seen cases where landlords do not wait, in actual case it still goes “first come first served” and the agent has limited influence on the owner’s way of handling this.
Why is Munich so expensive on accommodation?
Munich has the highest rental prices AND purchase prices in Germany. Acquisition of a flat or house does cost. To have return of investment the Munich Landlord certainly needs a higher rent to at least break even than anywhere else in Germany. Munich is the job machine of Germany.
Can you lower the rental price for me?
In most cases there is some room for negotiation, however there are limits to what one could ask for. Good places still cost and their owners do not see a reason to drop prices unnecessarily. As always we try to do the best for you, representing you but in general terms having to be fair to both sides.
Is there a time of year when it is difficult renting?
Always watch out during BAUMA, which is the biggest Building Trade Fair in the world, the Oktoberfest, The Systems and Electronica which are well noted Trade Fairs. In 2012 we had the IFAT, which turned out to nearly exhaust the whole apartment market. It was very tight then.
A hotel does not require so much cash flow and I get my breakfast….
Point taken. However you are left with a room only as big as your balcony is in your new flat and most of times you can “hardly swing a cat” in your room (British saying). Having your own place makes you feel at home! Also do not forget the trade fairs, sometimes hotels are not able to accommodate you then.
Are furnished apartments cheaper on the outskirts?
The offers on the very outskirts of town are a lot less and not that much cheaper. If you take into account the longer way of travel and less attractiveness of those suburbs you realise you are better off in the popular districts, Schwabing, Giesing, Lehel, Isartor, Glockenbachviertel. Places like Pasing and Lochham are however underrated since they offer high freeetime value with the lakes and mountains being on their south-western doorstep. Solln is always worth looking at if you are searching for a big house.
Everybody talks about “hot spots” like Maxvorstadt, what is the story behind it?
It is offering new museums and a wide selection of expensive restaurants. Areas like Haidhausen and Schwabing-West, Neuhausen don´t need to be shy to be compared with. It depends really on the personality of the tenant. Always try to make up your own mind and do not listen to all those advisors ie. Travel books and that “colleague”.
Try to use public transport and your feet to get to know all the areas. It is a learning and orientation process which only you can experience.
Which areas of Munich do you advise?
Any area I have mentioned so far is a good area. Sendling is not so much sought after but then again you can get a very good deal on prices there…. It used to be the classic environment of SIEMENS for all their employees.
Is Munich safe?
Short answer for you here: YES.
Is Munich international?
See the international bookshops, English cinema, the wide range of newspapers you are getting at newsagents AND the fantastic mix of ethnic cooking. Ask for our tip of the month on restaurants.
Do landlords speak English? How about the man on the street?
Yes, indeed. Nearly everybody in Munich speaks English and is keen and proud to practise. Can be disheartening if you have just come from your German Classes to find that the waiter greets you with an international “What will you order Sir”, since you just got ready for a German meal order.
How do you get new accommodation offers? I suppose this must be easy?
Yes and no. Landlords in Munich are being followed by lots of accommodation agencies, house hunters, people who know someone who know someone. We have long established links with most of our contacts which gives you a good offer in return.
How much notice do I have to give to terminate the rental?
In most cases 4-6 weeks notice to the month end is sufficient. This is in contrary to the rental of an unfurnished home in Munich where the notice period of 3 months to month end applies.
When will I get my deposit back?
In some cases you will get it back at the handover, in most cases the deposit minus the cleaning fee will be returned within 2-4 weeks after departure to your nominated bank account.
What justifies your commission rates?
I have just finished my brand new website which took me about 3 months and numerous manhours, placed about 20 very expensive accommodation search ads and PR campaigns for you and me in the local paper this year, paid my IT URL specialist to help me do the new website, paid my electricity and overheads for my office and will do my income tax now which will be about 50% tax in total. I have 19 years of experience you can benefit which might also be of some interest.
Any more questions?
Will you look at my requirement if it is only for 1 month?
Absolutely! We strive to accommodate and satisfy every customer regardless the budget or size he / she is looking for. A small requirement can easily turn into something comprehensive. If it does not we will not falter in our services though. Every customer counts equal.
Are you looking for continuity of business or what is your line?
Absolutely! We are working in a very thorough and diligent way from the moment you contact us to the moment you are receiving the rental contract.
What is the advantage of using your accommodation agency in Munich? I suppose I can just as easy get “something” out from the local newspaper?
People only realise that they should have taken experts advice when it is too late. There are always stories about deposits not being paid back or arguments about maintenance, wear and tear, etc. Ask a specialist for accommodation in Munich and they will guide you along. Better be safe in the beginning than sorry at the end. Liz Frey wants you to enjoy your stay from beginning to end and to return with good memories. Our database consists of well established and proven links with loyal and trustworthy landlords which is also a comfort for you.
In which way are you acting as service provider?
Relocation Service Liz Frey is acting in a dual way, a) to you as tenant, b) to the landlord.
She visits the furnished properties in Munich personally, identifies the product on offer thoroughly, takes photos and puts them onto the Web. It is all in one, capable and very professional hand. She can advise you without doubt on the best solution for you personally and will coordinate for you viewings, rental contracts and anything else around the topic Relocation to Munich.
What does Munich offer as regards outdoor activities?
Lakes, Mountains, Olympic Park, Football, Cricket, Rollerblading events, Ice Skating, Museums…
Ask us for our personal tips. Let us know if you come across anything very positive or negative so that we can keep up to date with your experiences as well.
Can you help me on information regarding the whole scenario of moving to Munich?, Things like International Schools, Kindergardens, Opening a Bank account? Referring to a good tax advisor?
No worries and yes indeed. Only difference we do not charge for those tips and do not sell them in form of those packages. In other words we are modest in charges and comprehensive in knowledge.
Do you have any links to an IT Agency in Munich should I need to change jobs?
Yes, indeed. We have a good rapport with some international IT Agencies.
Why do people rent their places furnished, what is the advantage?
Majority of proprietors want to have access to their property in the foreseeable future which is much easier by renting a furnished property. Rental contracts always have a fixed end date so the owner maintains a good overview and can plan easier due to this, should he want to regain the place after the end date of the lease contract, ie for the reason of selling or simply for his own use.
5 things always to be done by tenants?
Paying rent and invoice on time, keep in touch with the agent/landlord (especially if there is a problem with the flat), keeping updated on the lease duration and never leave those windows half-ajar in winter as well as airing the flat well.
What is the story about Nebenkosten?
In recent years Nebenkosten – utilities – have gone up between 10% and 30%.
Electricity, gas or oil heating, sewage cost, caretaker cost, garbage, insurance all fall under this section and are NOT cash in the hand for the owner. Tenants of furnished places in Munich do need to appreciate the value to have those costs included in their rent and they must consume economically.