About Liz Frey

Liz FreyWhich place would you chose?
Well, when I was living in Bristol, the UK, I also went for city locations.... but now being back in my hometown I like to live away from the hassle and bustle.  It is always different when one is abroad I suppose.

What do you like most in your job and what do you dislike?
I like getting E-Mails, inquiries, new offers...being the hub of closing a rental.

I like taking photos of good places and making sure that the whole process of renting a furnished place in Munich works out for all concerned.  I am not a a technical expert though and find the growing necessity of the demanding technical aspects amazing.

I certainly learned a lot while compiling this new website but have lost count of the actual manhours I had to put in.

Do you feel comfortable dealing with foreign guests in the English language?
I simply adore the English language and one can call me “anglophile”.... Having lived in the UK for a while and been in business with international guests since 1987 this is still a joy to have such an international job and I try to pick up on my level whenever possible.

From which companies do you get bookings?
As mentioned majority of tenants are coming from the information technology business.

Famililies or tenants?
I would estimate 50% of my customers to be single renting, 25% couples and 25% with a family.

Country places or city locations?
Furnished apartments in those prime locations of Schwabing, Haidhausen, Giesing or Lehel are always in demand.  Customers however should be more open to areas ie. Pasing, Obermenzing or Harlaching which offer a superb lifestyle with all this countryside nearby and stylish houses. 

How do you get your customers?
Word of mouth, good google ranking, recommendations, web-advertisements, etc.

Have you ever lived in furnished places?
I certainly have.  Stayed in Loughborough, Bournemouth and also along the west coast of the US.

I moved around in Bristol four times in the 80’s. ... those were the days when one had to put a 50p piece into the meter in order to warm up the place.  To be frank this was the case in only one bedsit I stayed – the other 3 places were warm and comfy without the 50p.

I also stayed in London for one year when I was working as Head Receptionist for a 4star Hotel.

What is your private background?
Born 1963 in Muenchen, married, one son. Spent half of the childhood in Bad Reichenhall, a lovely spot near Berchtesgaden / Salzburg. I prefer mountains and lakes to shopping!

Coming from an administrative background, then gained hotel experience, then worked for an IT Agency, as of 2002 my own boss so to say.

Your website name is misleading....
Yes, that is true to some degree. 

I am running an agency for furnished accommodation in Munich.  A relocation service in its true meaning works with agents like mine.  I am an agent for furnished accommodation advising people on all relocation issues and not just stopping with the rental as such but still just charging as a flat agency.   Some people say I have a very high level of service related to my work.  Check it out yourself. :-)

Is your job a technical job?
Yes, indeed.  One needs to understand how a website works, the need for an enticing  presentation, the interface with photos, databases, etc.  Always looking to improve my site.  A task which is never quite finished.

How important are photographs?
Very important for the clients who are booking through the net since they simply do not have time to view the place prior to their arrival.  

Who is taking those pictures?
Myself.  This is one of the advantages I can offer.  Transparency.

Why don’t you have photos for all your offers?
Obviously it takes time to take photos for all the new places I am being offered.

Who is speaking to the Munich property owners?

Who is doing the contracts?
I have a German and English rental contract ready which is streamlined with all necessary facts and figures.  Two to three pages – legally sound, little bureaucracy, maximum of efficacy and very transparent.

The rental process is also a process of building up trust and who wants to sign contracts of 10 pages when the legal matters can be compressed to 2 or 3?

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